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My Approaches to Therapy

There is a long standing stigma attached to mental illness yet we are all touched by it in some way. My goal is to bring some normalcy and reframe the struggles we all face at times so the focus can be geared towards understanding, resolution and coping. Communication is a key in understanding, and understanding is a large component of therapeutic support.

My approach is strength based, solution focused, and client centered. Ultimately the approach should be tailored to clients' needs, not every method, approach or technique works for everyone. Clients are the experts in their own lives and I am honored to be a trusted support person. I believe everyone struggles with problems and stressors that they can use support in coping with. I can provide a non-judgmental and empathetic position to allow clients to feel safe when confiding in me. I will also be doing all that I can to assess for  safety and take necessary steps to improve their safety. My method is to identify the primary issues, establish goals and work to support the client in applying techniques and skills to meet those goals.


"The brain is wider than the sky"

Emily Dickinson



Psychotherapy for individuals and couples suffering from anxiety, depression, grief and many other life stressors. 

Currently offering both in person and telehealth sessions.

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